French noise scene spearheads, SISTER IODINE, return with their sixth album; ‘Venom’.
Active since the Nineties, SISTER IODINE which involve Erik Minkkinen, Lionel Fernandez, and Nicolas Mazet, have not lost one milligram of their radical and uncompromised approach in sound exploration and limits stretching. Following two studio albums on Parisian Label, Premier Sang released in 2009 and 2013 respectively, it took almost 5 years to shape up ‘Venom’.
It is with the advent of the 21st century - more than ever - that the decisive path of SISTER IODINE has taken a fascinating route. From their debut album, ADN115, released in 1994 which was strongly influenced by the original New York No Wave scene (Mars, DNA, Red Transistor) to their more recent works which are augmented by "newer poisons" such as black metal, or the most abrasive end of industrial music and power electronics, as well as experimental electronics (Editions Mego has reissued an extended version of Premier Sang's "Flame Desastre" on CD), the band has managed to survive through the years from the inhospitable French squats of the nineties to nowadays’ established venues and proper tours. Today, the band’s music has changed recipients and has attracted younger generations with their organized radioactive chaos, never conceding anything from their initial intensity. Over the years, SISTER IODINE will have also created their own idiosyncratic language, for which sound exploration matters and pure beauty seem to count as much as pure explosive ferocity, while intense violence and energy gets deployed in live shows.
The last few years witnessed an increasing number of collaborations such as the recent sessions with Meyhna'ch (Mütiilation) or the ones with Masaya Nakahara (Violent Onsen Geisha / Hair Stylistics). "Venom" includes two tracks featuring the vocal contribution of Stephen Bessac, the deviant frontman of the cult French hardcore band Kickback.
SISTER IODINE produces today a music that is actually unique and unheard anywhere else. One of eternal youth and audacity.

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LIBÉRATION «le free rock toujours plus acide et violent du trio; dont la noirceur et la brutalité n’existe nulle part ailleurs aussi abruptes et concentrées."

NOISEY "A l’heure d’Internet, le groupe réussit donc une prouesse : celle de produire désormais une musique débarrassée d’histoire, de ramifications, de dénominateurs communs, mais également d’influences : il n’y a plus de metal, de noise, de chapelle à laquelle se raccrocher, si ce n'est la leur, aussi radicale et libre que généreuse et ouverte à n'importe qui. »

LE DRONE « Le nouveau SISTER IODINE franchit un cap dans la noirceur et la transe.Le vrai disque psychédélique dont on avait besoin"

NEW NOISE « Venom regorge de déflagrations monstrueuses (….) mais ses recoins les plus terrifiants demeurent les interstices, ces moments de flottement chaotiques ou le compteur Geiger s’affole en continu"

MAGIC "Violente, venimeuse, la musique de Sister Iodinerésonne comme un glas sur lequel chaque stridence posée serait une épiphanie"

SODAPOP "disco eccezionale!"

REVUE & CORRIGÉ « VENOM, une preuve impressionnante de leur maturité » Jérome Noetinger

SATAN OWES US MONEY « En fait ça n’a pas tant changé que ça Sister Iodine, entre cette sidération no-wave industrielle un soir de 1994 et aujourd’hui: toujours de a jouissance brute"

"SISTER IODINE’s Venom is a pure and raw, energy-powered album performed like an audio exorcism. Each track contains itsown intense physicality to radiate sound illuminations of light inside of darkness. Venom is a powerful album of potent spells that SISTER IODINE have conjured and captured as sonic shamans. » Cameron Jamie, January 2018


SISTER IODINE / live Gaité Lyrique / PARIS 2016


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SISTER IODINE / Blaaack / ‘Venom’

SISTER IODINE / Glóck / ‘Venom’